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2023-09-14, 21:05:21
I usually don't...on my own sites. ;)


2023-09-13, 12:32:06
Ha! I never logout!  laughing7


2023-09-12, 20:19:11
I just noticed this. LOL My stupid butt has been forgetting to log out.  :D


2023-09-11, 19:12:22
Whatyu doin Steve?


2023-08-01, 20:31:30
Hey Steve.


2023-07-30, 20:13:59
Evening, sir! LOL


2023-07-30, 20:00:00
Evening Mick & Steve. :thumbup:


2023-07-30, 17:14:55
Evening, Mick.  :)


2023-07-30, 14:24:28
Evening all from a very damp UK.  :)


2023-07-21, 07:20:55

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  • Keith to visit G-Ma Kay & G-Pa: September 03, 2006 - September 06, 2006

Author Topic: Keith set to visit G-Ma Kay & G-Pa Ken for Labor Day  (Read 15987 times)

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Hello Little Brother, Robert
« Reply #15 on: September 08, 2006, 10:32:59 AM »
Hi Robert. I sure do miss you. We used to have some wonderful conversations when we lived in S. C.
I would love to meet Charlie. She sounds like a real nice person.Whenever you guys get some time, you need to come here and visit. Then you can see how old your brother and I have gotten.....We finally have the house that we have always wanted. A little bigger than we thought, but it was in good shape...Plenty of room for visits from the family. A real old farm house.Would love to see the two of you..Don't think we will ever get to Texas, but who knows....Life is but an adventure........I have a couple of days off before my new job starts, so I am trying to find something to keep me busy.....I love to stay busy. Keeps me out of trouble......
I enjoyed the visit from Keith, but it was much too short.I enjoyed all the cooking for him. That is my greatest past time. Don't do too much when nobody is around. Too much for Ken and I to eat.
Have to go and see what kind of mischief I can get into today....Love, Your sister, Kay