December 05, 2022, 08:26:21 PM




2022 Nov 19 13:42:47
 :banana: :banana:
Sounds wonderful! Good luck!


2022 Nov 18 22:24:23
The new job is working out great! Everyone is so nice and helpful! I hear they don't like haters, etc. and will fire them.  :laugh:


2022 Nov 07 21:06:02


2022 Nov 07 20:09:42
And I start a new job tomorrow working in a warehouse close to home. Can walk to it. :)


2022 Nov 07 20:08:34
Been hard at work on the CZ themes.


2022 Nov 07 19:41:58
I'm not on as much as I would like... having some fun bits trying to get on with my Chemo.


2022 Nov 07 19:40:20
Yepp... it would seem to be so!  :o


2022 Nov 07 15:01:09
Lately, we seem to coming here at the same time.  :D


2022 Oct 30 17:15:00
Yesss... you did!  :o


2022 Oct 30 13:54:49
Ha! I beat you to it! ;)

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Author Topic: I'll start this new board off with an email that I sent to our local TV station!  (Read 4657 times)

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Our local TV station, WXII TV12, is having a contest where you send in a photo of your pet with Santa and then the photo's that have been submitted are voted on by the public.
So... yesterday I uploaded one of Keith & Phoebe (check out a copy of the pic in the Christmas 2006 album)... then today when I went to upload one of Jake & Minnie with Santa the contest page was nowhere to be found... so I sent them this nasty-gram.

Could you please supply me with the link to the Santa?s helpers (pets) photo contest.

With all due respect it is my opinion that you try to cram too much content into each individual page and in the process you most likely lose many of your readers in the process. Being fully aware that you are running a commercially oriented site your posted adds and paid links are not in any way objectionable, but it would be nice if you would put as much effort into some of your lower level content and features.
One example is your search feature? while I don?t claim to be some ?expert? in internet use I do consider myself to be well versed in many internet technologies, including the use of a search to find pages or information. Simply put, to me your search feature seems completely inadequate as a tool for finding anything on your site because it will not respond with relative information no matter how the search query is stated.
Another example is the site map, while your sitemap could not possibly be expected to list everything for a site as extensive as yours it was none the less most disappointing that the Santa pets photo contest link could not be found by trying to navigate through the site map. 

With all that being said, I do like your site for the information it provides and have it on my browser links bar for quick access. We also use WXII TV for almost all of our news viewing and much of our entertainment viewing as well.

Thank you,
Ken Kimbrell
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