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“I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)”

... By Daniel Kreps

--- Quote ---Sixteen years after Daryl Hall sold "significant interest" of duo's music to publishing firm Primary Wave, he's trying to prevent longtime partner John Oates from doing the same.

 Days after Daryl Hall filed a restraining order against his longtime musical partner John Oates, details about the legal rift between the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-inducted duo have emerged.

When the restraining order was filed on November 17 to a Nashville judge, the dispute itself was sealed, noting only that the dispute pertained to “Contract/Debt.” However, on Wednesday, the Nashville chancery court judge allowed for some documents to be unsealed, revealing the heart of the battle: Hall is trying to prevent Oates from selling his shares in the duo’s joint venture to music publishing firm Primary Wave.

According to the Associated Press, Oates signed a letter of intent to sell his half of the duo’s business venture — dubbed Whole Oats Enterprises — to Primary Wave; by allowing the firm to see the duo’s confidential business agreement, Hall alleges that was “an indisputable breach of contract,” and thus filed the restraining order to stop Oates and Primary Wave from further pursuing a deal.
--- End quote ---

Yeah, there's been rifts between them off and on for quite awhile. Finally, there seems to be some things finally out in the open. I remember years ago when they stopped performing and touring together and started back up again. Since I was a former Philly musician, D, etc. I try to stay up on those things when I can. ;)


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