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Do you have a Poem that you have written? We would love to have you share it with the Family!
It doesn't have to be a 'pro' quality Poem, if you wrote it we would love to hear it.  :bigthumb:
... it's also OK to post one that you found somewhere and liked enough to share with us.

It's OK it you want to include more than one Poem in a new topic, but it will usually work better if you start a new topic for each Poem.

We've added sound files to some of the poems and you can use the player to hear the Poems Author read the Poem for you.

Enjoy.. GPa
We've started posting sound files along with some of the Poems!

Start this player to have GPa tell you about the Poems Board.

Ken, Les called me and my phone went dead and cut us off.  Will you  please tell tell Les I am sorry about it and I hope he doesn't get mad at me......Mom :beg:   

I would never get mad at you Mallie, it was just my internet that stopped working

... this, our poems board, has long been neglected and needs a strong revival, so here's Amanda Gorman to get us back on track!  :thumbup:

... and, and, if you listen carefully at the end of the second video you can hear someone yell out, "Oh my God!". I have to agree, she is that good.    laughing7

Amanda Gorman - Presentation & Reading
Amanda Gorman | Roar | Moth GrandSLAM

If by Rudyard Kipling - Read by Sir Michael Caine


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