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As of yesterday Mom has moved into a nursing facility in Lancaster, PA.

Some of you received Yvonne's email message with information about the home and Mom's contact details, but for those of you who didn't get the email here's a copy.

--- Quote ---Mom is in the nursing home as of this morning, about 11:30. (04/14/10)

Mallie Kimbrell
% Conestoga View Nursing & Rehabilitation
Room N.W. 407 Bed 4
900 East King Street
Lancaster, PA 17602

She is on the 4th floor
Nurses Station phone number:  717-299-7904
Charge nurse: Gale Richard

Mom does not have a phone yet, we are in the process of that. I am sure she would love to receive cards and letters soon as possible. Please make an effort to send her mail. All of Mom?s children?s names, addresses and phone numbers are listed in her records so there should be no problems if you called and ask to speak to her charge nurse. Mom was in good spirits when I last talked to her on the phone today, after I got back home. She has met her roommates and Mom has a positive outlook, especially since Conestoga View has an art room. They also have a big computer room. There is a flower garden on the grounds and she is looking forward to going out in her wheelchair and getting some sun. There are about 12 floors and over 400 residents. So far, Mom likes what she has seen but she has a lot of exploring to do in the coming weeks.

There are several dietitians, one spoke with Mom today and is making a special diet plan just for Mom. Mom said after a late lunch at Conestoga that she thinks the food is much better than she expected it to be. That is a good thing.

Phil called here this evening and he suggested that the family get together and send money to help pay for the cost of gas, also,  personal items that the nursing home does not provide for Mom, for instance they do not provide clothing. He asked me to make a list and figure it all out and to let him know what his share will be. He said he would send his portion each month and would be consistent. (The distance to the nursing home for me is over 19 miles one-way.)  I agreed with Phil that I should make the list, and figure out the expenses and divide it by seven. I will get back to everyone in a few days about this.

I am shutting Mom?s computer down soon. If you have a response to this email please do not send it to Mom?s computer. I used her computer to send this email because she has a more complete list of family and friends than I do. I will answer as soon as I can.

Love, Yvonne

--- End quote ---

Just had a nice conversation with Mom.
She wants everyone to know that she is happy with this Conestoga View home that she is now in, saying that it is much better than the first one she tried. They have lots of activities, including a class on fabric painting that she wants to give a try. The staff is nice and they are taking good care of her and the food is good.

Mom wants everyone, especially grandkids and great grandkids to give her a call, send an email or drop by for a visit. There are computers available, so Mom is going to try to get on with Skype, but that will come later on.

If you would like to give her a call that would be great, only please be sure to do so between 10:00AM & 8:00PM EST.
Mom's cell: 717-419-5899

I'm glad she is enjoying it. There's nothing worse than moving somewhere you don't like. I'll have to stop over and peek in on her when I'm over that way one day.

She would like that Steve.  :bigthumb:

Just received an email from Yvonne giving details on how to call Mom on her new cell phone.
Be sure to call Mom at least once a week to help keep her spirits up.  :bigthumb:

--- Quote from: Yvonne ---Ken, would you send everyone an email asking them to call Mom two times each time they call her.
1.  First call is to allow her time to get her cell phone out of her dress pocket.
2.  Second call is for her to answer. Her fingers are sore with arthritis and she
moves slowly because of the pain she feels.
Family and friends will need to do this procedure every time they call. Obviously, if she already has her phone in hand when a person calls, the second call will not be necessary.
--- End quote ---


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