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One of Mom's friends took a couple of pictures of Mom and posted some funny comments on FaceBook.

In case you can't access the FaceBook page, here is a quote of Monica's comments.

--- Quote Monica Proulx
Mallie is a brilliant friend of mine in Lancaster, PA who has a fantastic sense of humor and equally wonderful and brilliant daughter named Yvonne. Mallie told me a great story today. She said that she has taken to answering "Mars!" to the many questions about where her beautiful southern accent is from. Everyone gets a chuckle out of that.

One day this week Yvonne brought her a set of head phones so that she could hear her t.v. set over the noise of other t.v.s in her room (there are four women to a room!). But the headset kept slipping down on her head, so she asked Yvonne bring her some pipe cleaners to wrap around the top metal piece in hopes that would help keep it in place (sort of like a comb, and by the way, it works very well!). While she was wrapping, she had a fun idea. She took two pipe cleaners, folded them in half and attached them to the headband part of the headset so that they looked like antennae. She then put the head set on, turned to the young aid in the room and asked "What do you think of this? I'm talking to my people on Mars!" The young lady looked at Mallie, her eyes got really big, she burst out laughing and quickly left the room.

The rest of the day when this aide would enter the room, she would look at Mallie really funny like she thought she had lost her marbles, but wouldn't say a word to her. Mallie says a few other staff peeked in throughout that day and looked at her strangely also.

Far from having "lost it", Mallie still has her wonderful sense of humor, and is as sharp as the day I met her 9 years ago. She had the last laugh and is still chuckling about her joke today. That is where the smile in the second picture came from! Talking to "her people!" (of which I am proud to be one, even if that makes me a Martian!).

--- End quote ---

Here's the second picture.

That was really funny, We got the email from Yvonne today.

Lisa says, Mom looks beautiful, as she always does.

Now that was funny!!! I just hope that they don't try to give her meds to cure that. LOL


--- Quote from: Skhilled on June 08, 2010, 09:33:42 AM ---Now that was funny!!! I just hope that they don't try to give her meds to cure that. LOL

--- End quote ---

Hope you're right on that... but I don't think there's a big worry because Yvonne keeps them on their toes for that.


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