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Mallie's Getting a New Visit!

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So... Brothers Phil, Rus and me are set to spend the weekend with Mom!  :2thumbs:

Phil and Rus will be picking me up tomorrow, Friday, in the AM and we'll take the drive up to Lancaster to see Mom, she's all excited and so are we.  :happy:

There's be some pictures and maybe some video and I'll post them all after we get back. I'm taking my laptop, so some posting may be possible during the trip, but we'll have to wait to see about that.

More later...  :08:

Ps: Tomorrow is Phil's B-Day, so...

That is kool Ken, please send our love from Lisa and me, and tell mom she is always in our thoughts  :hugme:

Will do Les.  :bigthumb:

Well, Mallie had an extra special guest. I stopped by to visit her today and meet to Ken (The Little Guy, as Mallie calls him). I also got to meet Phil and Russ. I tried to get Tina14's (Christina) camera but it needed to be recharged. So, I bought a new Nikon CoolPix on my way there just so I could take some pics.

I had a great time and Mallie did too.  :08:

Unfortunately, I forgot to get a pic of me and Mallie with my camera. :(

But, Ken has quite a few pics on his. I know he'll post them later. :)

We had a great day filled with visitors for Mom... Phil, Russ and me of course, plus later on Steve Hill came by and then late in the afternoon Mimi Shapiro dropped by. Mimi is Mom's great friend that helped to put together the Collage Menage Art Exhibit at Ganser Gallery where some of Mom's work was on exhibition earlier this year.

We took lots of pictures and I'll post some of them by Monday evening.


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