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Author Topic: Pull an HTML page into a PHP article  (Read 1318 times)

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Pull an HTML page into a PHP article
« on: December 26, 2006, 05:42:03 PM »
The WYSIWYG editor... for some operations it must be off, for others it must be on:
for this one turn it off.

admin>article manager>add>paste in code with correct link and adjust height to fit.

Code: [Select]
<iframe src="www"
height="1000" width="100%" Scrolling="yes"></iframe>

<a href=http://www.mykimbrell.com.com/forum/index.php?page=><center><u>Return to Top</u></center></url><br>
<a href=http://www.mykimbrell.com/forum/index.php><center><u>Return to Index</u></center></url>

use code below for auto-resize, 'no scroll' iframe window.

Code: [Select]
<script type="text/javascript">

* IFrame SSI script II- ? Dynamic Drive DHTML code library (http://www.dynamicdrive.com)
* Visit DynamicDrive.com for hundreds of original DHTML scripts
* This notice must stay intact for legal use

//Input the IDs of the IFRAMES you wish to dynamically resize to match its content height:
//Separate each ID with a comma. Examples: ["myframe1", "myframe2"] or ["myframe"] or [] for none:
//This is the 'no scroll' version of my cpg iframe, adapted the code from TinyPortal & DD for use here...  Ken
var iframeids=["myframe"]

//Should script hide iframe from browsers that don't support this script (non IE5+/NS6+ browsers. Recommended):
var iframehide="yes"

var getFFVersion=navigator.userAgent.substring(navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Firefox")).split("/")[1]
var FFextraHeight=parseFloat(getFFVersion)>=0.1? 16 : 0 //extra height in px to add to iframe in FireFox 1.0+ browsers

function resizeCaller() {
var dyniframe=new Array()
for (i=0; i<iframeids.length; i++){
if (document.getElementById)
//reveal iframe for lower end browsers? (see var above):
if ((document.all || document.getElementById) && iframehide=="no"){
var tempobj=document.all? document.all[iframeids] : document.getElementById(iframeids)

function resizeIframe(frameid){
var currentfr=document.getElementById(frameid)
if (currentfr && !window.opera){
if (currentfr.contentDocument && currentfr.contentDocument.body.offsetHeight) //ns6 syntax
currentfr.height = currentfr.contentDocument.body.offsetHeight+FFextraHeight;
else if (currentfr.Document && currentfr.Document.body.scrollHeight) //ie5+ syntax
currentfr.height = currentfr.Document.body.scrollHeight;
if (currentfr.addEventListener)
currentfr.addEventListener("load", readjustIframe, false)
else if (currentfr.attachEvent){
currentfr.detachEvent("onload", readjustIframe) // Bug fix line
currentfr.attachEvent("onload", readjustIframe)

function readjustIframe(loadevt) {
var crossevt=(window.event)? event : loadevt
var iframeroot=(crossevt.currentTarget)? crossevt.currentTarget : crossevt.srcElement
if (iframeroot)

function loadintoIframe(iframeid, url){
if (document.getElementById)

if (window.addEventListener)
window.addEventListener("load", resizeCaller, false)
else if (window.attachEvent)
window.attachEvent("onload", resizeCaller)


<iframe id="myframe" src="http://www.mykimbrell.com/.../" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" vspace="0" hspace="0" style="width: 100%; display: none;" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

<a href=http://www.mykimbrell.com/FamilyForum/index.php?page=...><center><u>Return to Top</u></center></url><br>
<a href=http://www.mykimbrell.com/FamilyForum/index.php><center><u>Return to Index</u></center></url>

<center>Return to Top</center></url>

[url=http://www.mykimbrell.com/forum/index.php]<center>Return to Index</center></url>
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