December 05, 2022, 07:45:03 PM




2022 Nov 19 13:42:47
 :banana: :banana:
Sounds wonderful! Good luck!


2022 Nov 18 22:24:23
The new job is working out great! Everyone is so nice and helpful! I hear they don't like haters, etc. and will fire them.  :laugh:


2022 Nov 07 21:06:02


2022 Nov 07 20:09:42
And I start a new job tomorrow working in a warehouse close to home. Can walk to it. :)


2022 Nov 07 20:08:34
Been hard at work on the CZ themes.


2022 Nov 07 19:41:58
I'm not on as much as I would like... having some fun bits trying to get on with my Chemo.


2022 Nov 07 19:40:20
Yepp... it would seem to be so!  :o


2022 Nov 07 15:01:09
Lately, we seem to coming here at the same time.  :D


2022 Oct 30 17:15:00
Yesss... you did!  :o


2022 Oct 30 13:54:49
Ha! I beat you to it! ;)

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Author Topic: I AM SO GLAD:  (Read 4056 times)

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« on: May 05, 2019, 02:54:33 PM »
My youngest Sister, Angie, posted this on FB... some wonderful stories about our Mom, Mallie.


I listened to Mom talk about her youth

I stayed by her side when times were bad
I got to watch her sketch her -pen drawings
Got to watch her paint
Got to watch her crochet lace borders on pillowcases
When she would tell us stories at bedtime
I loved watching her milk the goat or cow
I watched her care for her flowers
I loved watching her prepare the green beans she grew
I was there when the green snake fell into her lap-while she was snapping the green beans she just put the snake at the base of the tree and it climbed back up
She taught me not to fear snakes or spiders
I got to watch her sew the clothes we wore
I loved watching her sweep -there was something about it that said life was going on
Watching Mom do laundry in the back yard with the old wringer washer
Watching Mom hang the clothes to dry
Making biscuits and gravy
Telling us about the skunk that came in the house
Telling us about Ken Kimbrell being a baby and the rabid poodle that almost bit him
Telling all the old stories about people she knew
Telling about Grandpa and Grandmas first meeting
Mom playing the piano and guitar
Hearing the song Mom made up on the guitar
Mom ,Yvonne, Robert,Russell Kimbrell and I having pic nics at the pond
Mom and Yvonne picking strawberries in the peach orchard
Mom Yvonne Robert Russell and I picking cotton -I was 3 and picked 3 boles got cut and quit
Mom trying to milk the mean cow
Mom gathering fresh turned knobbies and cooking them several way that day
Mom sewing herself an apron for general purposes
Mom sewing aprons for the mill workers-she made ALL the aprons for ALL the mill workers
Mom entering her artwork in the Spartanburg county’s fair and winning each time
She did that to get the money for fabric to make our clothes
Watching Mom build a ladder from scrap lumber
Watching Mom sew quilts
Watching Mom work in the garden
Watching her prepare and can the food she grew and picked

Going to the pond -being chased by a water moccasin and Mom crossing the waterfall to grab the water moccasin as it went into its hole-she pulled and it pulled and she pulled it in half-I learned how fearless she was
I listened to family history so I knew where we come from and who were our ancestors
"Not all who wander are lost."-Tolkien
Yesterday When I was Young.

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« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2019, 09:17:19 AM »
Nice!  :thumbup: