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Hawk Mountain


Took the kids with me to Hawk Mountain to see plants and all kinds of raptors. It was a 40 min or so drive, um should have been except for me taking a wrong turn and going 15 miles out of the way.  :innocent:

Here's some info on it:

Am uploading images to the gallery here:;su=user;cat=30;u=142

The next field trip will be to the John James Audubon Center in PA, the people who have the National Audubon Society and Audubon Magazine. We might go this weekend or next. There is a center in just about every state.

Looks like a really nice trip Steve.  :bigthumb:

And some nice pictures.

This one is kind of different.  :08:

This one is a zoomed in version of the first one you posted above:

The 2nd one was cute and was the first pic I took when I got there. They make and sell those bird houses in the visitor's shop.

It will be raining all this weekend so I'll probably go to Audubon next weekend instead.


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