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Joel, Mindi & some of their Car Club Kids (members) left Friday (16th) evening for Charleston, SC for the first leg of their ocean cruise!
The cruise liner Norwegian Majesty is scheduled to take them to Grand Cayman, Cozumel & Key West for their seven day Caribbean trip.

Their ?real? kids, Chris, Taylor & Dominic will stay with their G-Ma Terry & G-Pa Reed in Greensboro until Tuesday and then they?ll come stay with G-Ma Kay & I here in Tobaccoville for the rest of the week.
This should be fun???  :girlfight:

Stay tuned? More later? gpa
Ps: In honor of their trip the default theme in the photo gallery has been set to OceanDreams*
Cozumel Mexico

Grand Cayman had the clearest water I have ever seen. I went in a boat into the ocean for at least 30 min and the water was up to my chest as I played with the Stingrays. They are the kitty cats of the ocean. It was day I shall always enjoy recalling.

That should be a great trip. Our family went on a Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica cruise in 2004. It was a blast!
Joel and Mindy should have fun. Shelly, Kristina and I will be going on a Bahamas cruise, leaving out of Port Canaveral during the first week of April. We also will take a couple of days to visit Disneyworld. Should be some fun pictures to show in the Gallery in April. 

whoopi for them
grrr..... haha they left me....
they're trip would have
been way cooler if
i would have been
on it with them
thats rite i am jealous................
 :chair: :bigb:

Chris, Taylor and Dominic arrived yesterday after finishing their visit with Terri and Reed. They are going to stay with GrandMa Kay and I untill Saturday.

Don't know if we'll get a chance to do much because they have to go to school and we have to work, but I'm sure we will find some kind of mischief to get into.  :up2some:


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