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Bahamas and the mouse


Shelly, Kristina and I just started our spring break vacation. Staying at our timeshare condo in Orlando. Yesterday we spent the day at DisneyWorld and visited both the Animal and Magic Kingdoms. Great fun but my feet are KILLING me.

Off to the Cruise ship later today and then on to sunny Bahamas. Should have a few pictures of the vacation for the gallery some time after April 12th. Until then, take care.

Shelly, Kristina, and me   :bigtmb:

Sounds like great fun!  :danban:

Sorry to hear about the feet, but maybe it'll get better as you do more of it... walking that is.

We are looking forward to the pictures.  :disted:

We've posted some pics in the gallery from the trip that Shelly Kristina & Kenny took to Disneyworld.

Bahamas & the Mouse

Kenny '07


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