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Road Trip!!! Road Trip!!!

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Gpa's going on a Road Trip!!!  :danban:


Maybe later!!!   :disted:

Maps for ya!

The road trip was a great success!

ON Friday I drove up from Tobaccoville, NC to Flint, MI and Tyra came down from Rockford, IL with Brooke & Bianca and we met up at Steve & Sam's house to visit with them and August & Austin for a few days.
Tyra and I both returned to our homes on Tuesday (the 3rd) evening but Brooke and Bianca stayed over and will stay with August & Austin for a couple of weeks including several days that they spend camping out at a cabin... that sounds like great fun.  :danban:

More details later about the stuff we did and the places we went, including a trip to Notre Dame University where we watched as Brooke played some great basketball.  :bigtmb:

You can see some pictures from my visit in the Gallery in the 'RoadTrip07' album.

You can also see some pics in Bianca's website, just look for the RoadTrip'07 album in her Gallery.

It was really a great time we had together.  Thanks for a great surprise Dad.

Great photos of the children.

I love the photos of "walking the pigs" what's the story behind that unusual shot?  :bigtmb:


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