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2024-02-21, 21:11:25
I missed that one. LOL


2024-02-20, 21:47:12
Hey Skhilled.  :)


2024-01-20, 14:55:47
 shocked003  :hah!:


2024-01-20, 08:09:19
After taking a nap and waking up around 4pm I see that the roads were cleared and I could've went to work.  ;D


2024-01-19, 09:03:07
Yeah, I called off from work cause of the snow storm. The roads are not looking good.


2024-01-18, 09:30:06
Stay safe Steve, the weather near you looks rough! :o


2023-12-06, 19:44:20
LOL, I hear ya.


2023-12-06, 19:25:45
I know the voices in my head aren’t real, but man, do they ever come up with some great ideas! 


2023-11-23, 10:46:20
Happy Thanksgiving! Go easy on all the fixings, leave some for tomorrow!  :)


2023-11-23, 04:46:49
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Author Topic: Links to some of the family history pages on this site, plus others.  (Read 6843 times)

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Some of the history pages that you can find here on Our FamilyForum are listed below.

Mallie Belle (Hamrick) Kimbrell on Ancestry.com
This is a nice set of pages listing Mallies' descendants... plus her/our ancestors as well.

Outline Descendant Report
This page shows G-Great GrandMother Mallie's Descendants plus it also has a couple of nice charts at the bottom of the page showing the 'pedigree' of her and her husband, James K (Grey) Kimbrell.

The Gray Matter
These are the pages of The Gray Matter Newsletters that was published for a time by Great-Grandmother Mallie and Sister Yvonne Gray. Lots of family history and interesting family stories. There are also several links to other history pages and sites.

Links to other sites:
Westbrook Database
Posted in October 1999 this data base lists many of our ancestors and the relationships between them.

"Free Family History, Family Tree, and Genealogy Records and Resources from Around the World"
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