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West Stokes Wildcats win Friday night


September 18, 2006

The West Stokes Wildcats won their Friday night clash with the  East Surry Cardinals.

West Stokes & East Surry went into the locker room tied at 20 each after  a first half that saw both teams struggling with their defensive efforts. Both offensive teams did well on scoring drives but both were having trouble with point after conversions.

When the second half first started it seemed as though we were in for more of the same, but at about the 1 ? to 2 minute mark the West Stokes Wildcats Q-B was hurt and then after that happened the West Stokes defensive team began to shut down the Surry offensive effort as if they suddenly woke up from a bad dream!
That fired up the Wildcats offence and the home crowd  to the point that it became a whole new ball game.
The Wildcats went on to win 32 to 27 in what turned out to be a great game.

Our very own Chris A. was suited up for the game and his first game as a starter will be Friday  25, 2006.

we'll be rootin for you the 25th Chris.  Good Luck

Way to go Chris.

Chris A.:
well thanx, we are oignto be playing a GREAT team this wekk. im kinda nervous. my first high school football game. i was at the varsity game. but i was just there to replace an injured player. but this week we play a team called Starmount...and theyre BIG!!!lol :disted:

Well Chris, half of me wants to say "Play a good game and be careful" and the other half of me wants to say, "Get out there and do the dang thing!"   :up2some: LOL.

Aunt Tyra


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