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Author Topic: Jessie Horn - His Will, dated 4 May 1813  (Read 12566 times)

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Jessie Horn - His Will, dated 4 May 1813
« on: May 03, 2009, 06:13:57 PM »
This Document supplied by Sister Yvonne Kimbrell-Gray
... as part of her ongoing family history and genealogy research.

"In this document you will find the will of Jessie Horn, dated 4 May 1813 in Rutherford Co., NC.
His will doesn't specifically say that he had a slave but he did state: ..."my Negro girl, Lucy..."  We don't know if she was his woman or his daughter. I assume she was his woman.

Our connection to Jessie is through Emily Jane Horn (husband Robert Benson Hamrick), Emily and Robert are Mom's (Mallie) great grandparents on her mother's side. You will find Emily listed with her parents and siblings near the bottom of this doc.
Also, Jessie and Mary (Duke) are Mom's G G G Grandparents."
... Yvonne Gray

"Also... in our emails to each other Yvonne had expressed some concern about how family members might respond to the historical data contained within this Document and we decided that it might be useful and instructive if we included her question to that point and my response to her concerns."
... Ken 
... by Yvonne:
I will leave it up to you whether or not you post this doc on your web for the family to see. I'm putting it into the Hamrick genealogy with Jessie Horn's notes and sources, if that is OK with you? When I print documents or books in the future about that family that information in Jessie's will,  will be in there. I hope it doesn't offend anyone for I look at it as family history and it does not reflect the way I feel about our family members.

... My reply to her:
I?ll go ahead and publish it as is and include the first paragraph of your email if it?s OK. Your second paragraph can be included if you like? it might help a little in explaining to the family who read the document what kind of reasoning and thinking go into the process.

As for anyone being offended? they shouldn?t be offended because history speaks for itself, so if Jessie Horn had a black lady in his family in whatever capacity we as descendants should accept the historical facts. 

Elizabeth Horn McKinney, wife of James McKinney/Horn LineMcKinneyGenWeb

Jesse Horn b. 15 May 1752 Sussex Va (Check Mecklenburg Co. Va. 1800-1810)

Wife: Mary b. Rutherford Co. N.C. census


1. Hamblin (Hersup) b. 1776 m. Mary
2. Rebecca b. m. McKnight?
3. Henry b. 1786 m. Margaret (Peggy) Bartlett
4. Nancy b. 1790 m. ......? McKinney (Some records show she married John
McKinney, son of Donald McInnish Jr., and some say John McKinney Married Nancy
Horn, daughter of Abisha Horn. If anyone has additional information contact
5. James b. 1796 m. Dolly Wolf
6. Elizabeth b. m. Howell

The Will of Jesse Horn was in the handwriting of James McKinney


Jessie Horn will, dated 4 May 1813 and probated in April 1815 in Rutherford
County, North Carolina (which at that time included part of modern Cleveland
County). The will mentions the names of the wife and children. It reads as

May 4th, 1813

In the name of God Amen, I Jessie Horn of the county of Rutherford and state of
North Carolina being weak in body, but of sound and perfect mind and memory,
blessed be Almighty God for the same, do make and publish this my last will and
testament in manner and form following (that is to say) First, I leave my
beloved wife Mary Horn my Negro girl Lucy during her natural life and at her
decease to be equally divided between my daughters Rebecca McMcKreight (or
McKuiht) and my son Hamblin Horn and my other daughter Nancy McKinney and my
other son Henry Horn and my younger daughter Elizabeth Howel. I also will all my
real and personal estate to be left to my said beloved wife during her natural
life and widowhood except two young horse beasts which is now about two years
old, which I wish my two sons to have. John and James Horn of which I now put
them in possession of. At the decease of my above named wife, I wish all my
goods and chattels and personal estate, (except my messuages land and tenement
lying and being in the county and state aforesaid lying on the waters of Broad
River) to be equally divided between my sons and daughters herein
named---Rebecca---Hamblin--- Nancy --- Henry--- Elizabeth--- John --- and James
---my youngest son. My land and plantation whereon I now live together with all
my messuages and all that appertain thereunto. After the decease of or marriage
of my above named wife, I wish it to be equally divided between my two youngest
sons John and James Horn. I do hearby choose and appoint my beloved above named
wife and eldest son Hamblin my soul execution and executor of this my last will
and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made. In witness whereof I
have hereunto set my hand and seal this 4th day of May in the year of our Lord
one thousand eight hundred and thirteen.

     Jesse X Horn

Signed sealed published and delivered by the above named Jessie Horn to be his
last will and testament in presence of us, who have hereunto subscribed our
names as witnesses in the presence of the testator.

James McKinney

William McKinney (Jus P)

Comment: By Robert McKinney (There were several William McKinneys in the area at
that time causing William Henry McKinney, the son of William, to use his middle
name or middle initial. It makes you wonder if this William might be the William
McKinney, son of Donald McInnish Jr. and that this James McKinney might be
William's brother. If Jesse Horn's daughter Nancy had indeed married John
McKinney, brother of James then that would explain their involvement in the will
of their sister-in-law's father. If anyone has further information on this,
contact us.)


3. Henry Horn b. 1796 (1850 Cleveland Co. census)
Father: b. 15 May 1752 Sussex Va (Check Mecklenburg Co. Va. 1800-1810)
Mother: Mary b. Rutherford Co. N.C. census

Wife: Margaret (Peggy) Bartlett (1850 census Cleveland Co. N.C.)


1. Jesse Horn b. 20 July 1809
2. Nancy Horn b. 2 March 1811 m. William Jones
3. Daniel Horn b. 18 Jan. 1813 m 21 July to Ann (Amey) Jones
4. John Horn b. 27 June 1896 Sarah Elizabeth Hardin
5. Jonathon Horn b. 10 Jan 1820 m. Lydia McKinney (William H. McKinney's
6. Elizabeth Horn b. 22 June 1822 in Rutherford Co. NC. D. 12 Oct. 1883 in
Cleveland, NC.  m. 8-30-1840 in Cleveland, NC. James McKinney (Lydia's brother
and son of William H. McKinney)
7. Sophia b. 6 May 1825 m. William Wiggins
8. Margaret b. 16 July 1850 m. Langdon Ramsey
James McKinney selected for his wife, Elizabeth Horn, the daughter of a
neighbor, Henry Horn,  Also William Wiggins was the brother-in-law of James
McKinney and their correspondence during the Civil War is recorded in Mildred
McKinney Gee's book "A McKinney Family History".


Jesse Horn b 15 May 1752 Surry and Sussex Counties Va. d. between 1813 and 1815
in Rutherford County NC.; Married to Mary ....... b. after 1755. They moved to
York County after 1790 and before 1800.

They had seven children:

1. Rebecca Horn b. between 1770 and c 1774; married ? (McKreight?) (McKuight?)
or (McKnight?)
2. Hamblin ("Horsup") Horn, b 1774 or later. Married before 1800.
One frosty morning when butchering hogs on Little Creek near what is now known
as the "Cobb Horn place, "Horsup" angry at  his wife, kicked her, so that she
fell into the Creek.  She didn't  take kindly to such treatment, and sent her
son Jesse Hamilton Horn home to the house to fetch her one nice wool dress, and
left home, going to Kentucky to live with relatives.
 She remained there seven years, which was the legal requirement to break the
marriage without divorce; then returned to live with Jesse Hamilton Horn and his
wife.  There was not enough room for two women under a single roof, so Jesse
Hamilton provided her a  small house of her own, located near the present "Cobb"
Horn house.

Before the estrangement "Horsup" and his wife had at least four children:

  1. The daughter mentioned in the York County census of 1800, and less than 10
  years old and 1800.
  2. Jackson Horn, Killed by Mote Carpenter after an altercation over the
  killing of a hog  by Mote (and the stuffing of the hog's stomach with peach
  3.Jessie Hamilton Horn, b. 27 February 1814; killed by lightning 9 July 1861. 
  Married  Nancy Mariah Wesson.
  4. Jonathan J. Horn, born 25th June 1923; killed by a falling tree 1 May 1848;
  buried in Zion Cemetery.  Tomb marked "John J. Horn".
3. Nancy Horn, born between 1774 and 1784.  Married after 1800 to John McKinney.
(Some records show that Nancy Horn married John McKinney, son of Donald McInnish
Jr. aka Daniel McKinney who moved to Roane Co. TN. The Roane Co. TN website
records Nancy's parents as Abisha Horn?)

4. Elizabeth Horn, born between 1774 and 1784  m. ........... Howel.  Still at
home with her parents in 1800.  (Except for the age order, it would be just as
probable that Nancy was still at home, and Elizabeth was married at the time of
1800 census in York County.)

5. Henry Horn b. b. between 1784 and 1790. From the 210-year-old bible (age of
bible in 1975) it appears they had 8 children:

  1. Jesse Horn b. 20 July 1809.
  2. Nancy Horn b. 2 March 1811.
  3. Daniel Horn. b. 18 Jan. 1813; m. 21 July 1834 to Amey ("Anna") Jones
  (according to the Marriage and Bond Book of Rutherford County, witness William
  H. McKinney). The 1850 census of Cleveland County shows "Anna" to have had
  living in their house Patty Jones, b. c 1790. According to the 1850 census
  Daniel and "Anna" had five children:

    1. Biddy E. Horn, b. c 1835.
    2. Sarah J. Horn, b. c 1837.
    3. Julia A. Horn, b. c 1839.
    4. Anna Horn, b. c 1841.
    5. Mary W. Horn, b. c 1843.

  4. John Horn, b. 28 Jan 1815, Cleveland County (then part of Rutherford
  County) NC, buried at Double Springs Baptist Church Cemetery. Married Sarah
  Elizabeth Harding/Hamrick, b. 20 March 1838, Cleveland County (then part of
  Rutherford County); d. 4 0ct. 1899 at Horn homeplace, buried at Double Springs
  Baptist Church Cemetery. Her parents, George Harding and Margaret Harrill.
  Before her marriage to John Horn, Sarah Elizabeth Harding married Drewey
  Dobbins Hamrick, and they had one girl child. Drewey Dobbins Hamrick was
  killed in the Civil War. John Horn and Sarah had four children, including the
  daughter of Sarah's first husband:

    1. Ledora Clenentine Hamrick, daughter of Sarah and her first husband, b. 9
    May 1860, Cleveland County, NC; d in the 1950's.
    2. Annie Caroline Horn, b. 31 Mar 1871 in the Horn home, Lattimore, NC; d.
    in the 1950's. married twice: (1) to V. Lovelace. (2) to Cicero Bridges.
    3. John William Horn, b. 28 April 1873, the Horn Home, Lattimore; d. in the
    60's. Married Docie Harrill.
    4. James Bartlett Horn, b. 5 Sept 1876, the Horn Home, Lattimore NC. d. 1
    Sept 1943, buried at Double Springs Baptist Church Cemetery. Married in May
    1904 to Hattie Elizabeth Jenkins, who was born 23 Aug 1888 in her home in
    Cleveland County; d. 20 April 1972 at Beam's Nursing Home, Shelby, NC.
  5. Jonathan Horn b. 10 Jan 1820 m. Lydia McKinney
  6. Elizabeth Horn  b. 22 June 1822 in Rutherford Co. NC. D. 12 Oct. 1883 in
  Cleveland, NC.  m. 8-30-1840 in Cleveland, NC. James McKinney
  7. Sophia Horn  b. 6 May 1825 m. William Wiggins
  8. Margaret Horn b. 16 July 1850 m. Langdon Ramsey

6. John Horn b. 1796, according to family records. Other records indicate that
he was born 1793. Married 7 Dec 1820 in Rutherford County, NC, to Mary ("Polly")
Wolfe, b. 1795, and died at the home of her daughter Elizabeth in Flagpond, TN,
in 1903, at age 108.

   Four children:

  1. Isam Horn, b. 1824.
  2. Emily Jane Horn b. 1828; m. .............Hamrick.
  3. Mary Horn, twin of Elizabeth Horn, b. 4 Aug 1832. Common-law wife of Frank
  4. Elizabeth Horn, twin of Mary Horn, married to Samuel Stockton.

7. James Horn, named as the youngest child in the will of 1813. He must have
been born c 1796, according to family records. Murdered by his own son-in-law 11
Oct 1854. Married Rachel ........... . b. c. 1794. Peter Gosnell was sentenced
to be hanged for the murder of his father-in-law James McKinney. He received a
pardon and the siblings of Dicie Horn then disowned her for refusing to leave
her husband. The murder occurred at a corn shucking that James came to help
with. After both consumed a large amount of liquor they became involved in an
argument, When James left, Peter followed after him and resumed the argument. He
stabbed his father-in-law 11 times. James lived for 45 minutes stating to
witnesses that Peter had killed him and that he had felt the knife pierce his

  They had 10 children:

  1. Dicie or Dycia Horn, b. Sept 1815; m. Peter Gosnell, who  murdered his own
  2. Lydia or Lydda Horn, b. 1819-1824, estimated.
  3.  Caroline Horn, b. 1825-1835.
  4. Evelyn Horn, b. 1819.
  5. Margaret Horn, b. 10 Aug 1835.
  6. Mary Jane or Mariah Horn, b. Dec 1830.
  7. Elizabeth Horn, b. 1838; m. ............ Gosnell, brother of Peter Gosnell.
  8. Martha ("Patsy") Horn, never married.
  9. Tennessee Horn.
  10. John Kager Annanias Horn, b. 13 March 1844.


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