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This Food & Recipes Board is a great place to share your best (or favorite) dish with everyone.

And... it's always nice to include pictures of your process and the final result, so feel free to use the FamilyForum pictures gallery, of use the 'tinypic' icon that is above your post/reply text window to upload your picture.
For posting in the forum boards the best size for your images is 640x480, or, 800x600

Enjoy... Ken

We now have an RSS feed utility running, "RSS Feed Poster", that will pull in RSS feeds and make a forum post that contains whatever is on the page that it's being pulled from.

Currently the one that's working is coming from and it will display their recipe of the day.
Today's recipe is ... Tiramisu

We may add more feeds later.  :bigthumb:

Cool, I'm a member there and have the Big Oven app for my iPod. ;)


--- Quote from: Skhilled on July 21, 2010, 09:38:24 AM ---Cool, I'm a member there and have the Big Oven app for my iPod. ;)

--- End quote ---

Sounds good Steve.
I'm debating in my mind about which, or how may of the feeds to use each day. Of course the feeds can be set to only pull in a post every other day, or every third day... etc. So we could alternate between several different recipe sites.

Currently I have these three set for once a day:

So... I'm wondering if three a day is too many? Maybe do one a day and alternate between those three? Or some other site?
What do you think.  :happy:

3 a day might be a bit much to keep up with. Then again, it would give a variety of things to choose from.

Eating Well is also a good site and magazine. ;)


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