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I'm already working on the feed timing to reduce the total calls for each day... for example, the feed is now set for 2880 minutes (48hours).

An additions issue with these feeds is the HTML, it comes through as raw code so each post must be edited before it displays correctly. For one or two feeds that's not a huge deal, but for three or more it starts to be a bit of work.

I'll bet. LOL

Ummm... we haven't used this board in 13 years!  shocked003

The 2023 sandwich of the summer...

Prepare EGGS like this next time! You will not regret!


--- Quote from: Ken on July 31, 2023, 12:55:10 PM ---Prepare EGGS like this next time! You will not regret!

--- End quote ---

Personally, I'd beat the eggs first. And she needs to learn how to properly sprinkle on the seasonings. LOL


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