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A new topic just to get things off your chest.

Was stopped at the longest traffic light in the city on the way home from work yesterday. Wouldn't you know it? A beautiful hawk glided right on top of a utility pole directly across the street! The problem? I didn't have my camera with me!!!  :thud:

I've been trying to carry it with me now that the temps are getting warmer. The camera is rated for 32?F at the coldest/lowest for safe temps. Since temps have been dropping below that at night I've been leaving it home.

On another note, I'll be getting a new tripod soon.

Got awaken by a hail storm around about Midnight!!! Jumped out of bed because I remembered that Kay's car was outside, so I went out to put it in the garage and got soaked!!! Of course the hail had stopped by then and there was only heavy rain... thus the soaking!!!  :thud:

Then around about 2:00AM both my legs got charlie horses which kept me up for an hour or so, but then it came back in one leg around 4:30AM!!!  :thud:

Needles to say an Afternoon Nap will be in my future.  :hah:

A hate the charlie horses when I'm sleeping!

Yesterday, I went to the park to take a few pics. Saw a woodpecker and got really close to it and fired off a few shots. This lady walks past when I first start and says nothing. She walks past again and started talking to me which scares the bird away. I'm not upset because I've already got a few shots in. However, that's when I realize that I had the camera on the wrong setting the whole time and the pics were not tack sharp. :(

Fasting is not fun!!!   :eek1:

Especially when you know that a colonoscopy is waiting for you at the end of your two day fast.  :thud:



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