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This magazine is awesome!!! The one shown in the image below is only the 2nd issue ever. I've glanced over the 1st issue but never got it. I think I'll order that one too. LOL So far, I don't think you can even order a subscription for the mag yet.

Hover over image to get a close up of the Strawberry-Balsamic Muffins on the cover! I just reduced the vinegar and am waiting for it to cool while I gather the other ingredients! If you love baking from scratch this magazine is for you!

Here's an image of the first mag:

Getting in at the very beginning? :)

Yup! I have the premier issues of a few popular cooking mags! Hopefully they will be worth something one day. If you read Taste of Home mag you'll see me in there a few times every so often. They reprint things from their users who send things into them. ;)

"Sift" from King Authur Flour  is pretty new as well. I just got their Winter issue which is their 3rd issue. They are also very good and have great recipes and baking info on their site. I might get the other 2 issues...

Muffins are in the oven and have only 10 minutes to go...can't wait!!!  :eat:

 :eat:  laughing7

About 2 more minutes and they are making the whole house smell awesome!!! Longest 2 minutes of my life!!! LOL


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