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This link leads to a nutrition calculator. You can enter an entire recipe's ingredients or just one or two ingredients and get a variety of nutritional such as calories, sodium, etc. This will help if you are on a diet or let's say a calcium restricted diet. You can choose calcium from the dropdown to see how many milligrams are in your recipe.

That's a helpful link.

I'm using an app called DietOrganizer PC that helps you track daily food intake and also exercise.

Thanks! sounds like a great program but I don't see anything about sodium.

It tracks it for you on your food entries, but I don't see an option for just a salt/sodium entry... it can be added manually of course. Also, you can enter it as a food in your Food Finder menu's so that you don't have to make a manual entry each time.

Just added it to my 'default' menu calculator... includes a dropdown for making entries:


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