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So, in this topic, WD Mass Storage+PS4+T150 Pro! , I talked about my disappointing experience with Gran Turismo Sport and now I've almost had some deja vu all over again!

After returning the GT Sport game I picked up a used copy of Project Cars and it worked OK, but it very quickly became boring because of so little variety in tracks and cars. The game play in this game is nice, but it's mostly the same thing over and over again.

So then I'm thinking, "Why not just order another game from Amazon???"   shocked003

This past Monday a new copy of 'Need for Speed Payback' arrived in the post and I installed it to the PS4 soon thereafter and that's when the smoke began the roil from my head! This damn game has no support for driving wheels!!!  :censored: Who ever heard of a console driving game that did not support driving wheels?!
After spending a couple of hours on the internet doing research the prevailing wisdom seemed to be that there was no fix and that EA Sports had no plans or intentions to issue a patch for the problem.

So I'm thinking that despite all the negative stuff posted about this lack of support, it couldn't hurt to check for an update/patch and so Tuesday morning at about 6AM I checked and sure enough there was an update that was almost 8gigs. It took me two days to do the download because of my ISP's data caps and it was finished and installed at about 7AM this morning.
And now... my T150 wheel works! Thank you EA Sports!  :thumbup:

So far this NFS PB game-play is good and the graphics are almost as good as those found in GT. It will take me a few days to become accustom to how the game works, but for now I'm liking it.  :thumbup:

Edit:  ...for spelling.

Good deal! I can smell the rubber burning from here. LOL

Turns out that you don't get very far in this game before you're faced with a drifting segment that cannot be bypassed and my drifting skills suck... so after many, many attempts at this segment I'm still not getting through it.  :censored:

Maybe it's time for me to try Gran Turismo  Sport again.  laughing7


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