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After thrashing with two other titles, Project Cars and Need for Speed Payback, I've picked up a fresh copy of Gran Turismo Sport.
As seen in This Topic I returned the first copy because the gameplay is almost all online which is a deal breaker for me. But, after lots of research and some changes that Polyphony Digital has made to the game, I've loaded up the game once again. Part of the good news is the fact that there is a work around that gives you a way to save your offline progress.

It is a beautiful game, so this time I'm gonna give it more of a run and not be so quick to dump it.  :thumbup:
BTW... the update for a fresh install is well over 40gigs!  :o Took me three days to do the download.

Wow! That's the biggest issue for me is the downloads. I've only got DSL speeds around here. :(


--- Quote from: Skhilled on July 15, 2018, 05:29:42 AM ---Wow! That's the biggest issue for me is the downloads. I've only got DSL speeds around here. :(

--- End quote ---

Download speed is part of my issues as well... we are supposed to get 25 Mbps (up to), but it's often less that 5 Mbps, especially during the off-peak (2AM-8AM) part of my data package. The main thing is the data allotments though, the massive update required for the install of the game would have killed my daytime data!  :o

Currently I'm doing some testing to see how much data is consumed for single player game play and game saves to see if it's possible to run the game during the daytime hours without getting into trouble with my data... as mentioned before, the game progress can be preserved while offline and then uploaded to the servers later and thereby save your progress, but while it's not a big or complicated process to do this offline thing it's still much easier to just be online and doing it automatically.

About 45 minutes of online gameplay (single player) comes in at 33 MB's of data so this looks promising... of course the auto-update function must be turned off so that some big data draw dose not occur.

Gameplay may also be slower during downloads and affect your performance.

I play a lot of games on steam and can pause the downloads whenever I'd like.


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