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So, it would seem that Alton Brown is/has become my favorite online cook/chef/foodie kind of guy so lets give him his very own sticky topic.  :)


... once again Alton Brown grabs my attention, this time with his 'Grilled Grilled Cheese' sandwich. Never heard of such a thing! I want one!  :hah!:

Grilled Grilled Cheese//

... and then there's his latest from three days ago!  laughing7

Alton Brown's Green Bean Casserole 2.0//

BTW...  maybe this guy needs his very own sticky topic.  :o

Hot Sauce, one of my favorite food group's!  laughing7
... found this posting from a couple of years ago and it deals with my most favorite condiment, hot sauce!

Alton Brown Rigorously Reviews Spicy Wings | Hot Ones//

I've always loved AB. He can go over the top sometimes, tho. LOL

LMAO! You've got to see Quarantine Quitchen! He and his wife do a show from their kitchen and she's funny...btw, they do cuss once in awhile! They compliment each other very well!  :hah!:

The shows run about 45 min or more but are very funny! I watched the following but there are others:


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