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--- Quote from: Skhilled on October 01, 2023, 01:32:31 PM ---LOL, fish sauce was in probably many things you've already eaten and didn't know it. LOL

It adds great flavor to dishes. Although, it is very salty...

--- End quote ---

True that.
Many things that we eat contain all manner of things that we might not wish to consume if we only knew.  :azn:

I keep some around although I rarely use it as well as a few other Asian ingredients that I rarely use.

We keep soy sauce on hand, but very little else of the oriental variety of seasonings. Kay may have some teriyaki sauce, but if  she rarely uses it that I'm aware of.

Fish sauce is an unami ingredient like worchestersire sauce, etc... A little bit adds a ton of flavor. ;)

I just asked Kay and she tells me that she sometimes uses oyster sauce in her oriental dishes... that was news to me. Hamaha!


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