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Loaded Potato Dip


Hmmm, a lot of possibilities with this one. :)


--- Quote from: Skhilled on November 27, 2023, 09:53:54 PM ---Hmmm, a lot of possibilities with this one. :)

--- End quote ---

Yes please!  :)
I've never been one for dips... I can't stand the idea of someone doing a double dip.  shocked003
Having said that, my love of baked potato's and all of the ingredients mentioned makes this one sound so delicious.

For the past, maybe year or so, I started getting into them. Mostly, the ones from the stores but want to take the time to make my own like a homemade hummus, onion dips, etc. I've been into pretzels and chips for a light snack and have been find some specialty dips at the stores. I need to go to Russo's which has Italian and Greek imports and haven't been there prolly before covid. :(

Spent a little time on their website... their selections make one wish for a visit to their store, or, an online order at least!

They have a lot of specialty imported Italian things even fresh pastas. From what I see on their site now they don't have Greek foods any more. :(

I plan to go there later today, if possible. If not, maybe next weekend. They have the good stuff!


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