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R.I.P. Yaphet Kotto


R.I.P. Yaphet Kotto
... this came on my news feed this morning. Always loved this great actors work.

--- Quote ---Rest In Peace To #YaphetKotto one of the most memorable black character actors....we know this face, it’s been everywhere from Villain to officer to villain to hustler to garbageman to everyday joe: Alien/The Running Man/The Wire/Law & Order/Two If By Sea/Out Of Sync/Extreme Justice/Intent To Kill/Nightmare On Elm Street Freddie’s Dead/Father Dowling Mysteries/Midnight Run/Murder She Wrote/Perry Mason/Hill Street Blues/Hitchcock Presents/The A Team/Fantasy Island/Raid On Entebbe (the ORIGINAL Idi Amin)/Friday Foster/Truck Turner/Across 110th Street/Night Gallery/Gunsmoke/Hawaii 5-0/Bonanza/The Thomas Crown Affair & of course until now the oldest Bond villain in 73’s To Live & Let Die.

His era was way before stream culture in which a lot of the time you watched what was on tv (remember “movie of the week” on network channels? & those b films that come on late night weekends? when cable really truly took off in the 80s? Guarantee he was a character in one of those flicks. He was everywhere.
--- End quote ---

I meant to post something about this but been quite busy lately. R.I.P.!!!


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