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First came 1883 which Kay and me both loved... yes, I know Yellowstone was first, but we didn't/don't watch that.

Now comes 1883: The Bass Reeves Story, staring David Oyelowo as Reeves (2023?)... I already know that we gonna love this one as well.

There have been some shitty remarks in various online spaces about how the 1883 franchise show should have continued on with the same people and with the same story line which only shows me that they missed the main thread that the story was based on and that is the life of Elsa Dutton, aka "Lightning Yellow Hair", it's her story and when she died that was the end except for a couple of closing scenes. One post summed it up nicely for me,

--- Quote ---1883 is a spin-off from Yellowstone, Bass Reeves is a spin-off of 1883, you don’t have to watch it
--- End quote ---

And... if there's to be a third edition/season of 1883 my vote would be for the life and times of  Stagecoach Mary who lived during those times, being born in 1832 and living 'till 1914. She lived one hell of a life and although she shows up a little here and there in film, she deserves to have her story told in full.



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