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2024-04-19, 10:32:40
Good to see the site back faster than ever. :)


2024-04-18, 21:09:09
I've upgraded the server...more resources. ;)


2024-04-18, 20:57:10
Now that you mention it...  :D


2024-04-18, 20:47:19
...and, you should notice that the site is much faster.  :o


2024-04-18, 20:31:37
Hey Steve.


2024-04-18, 17:56:10
Re-read the message below...


2024-03-31, 15:22:06
Oh yeah, you need to upgrade the site first...


2024-03-30, 09:54:54
Whoops! I forgot that the SMF install here on OFF is out of date!  :'(


2024-03-30, 09:44:48
 Conga-Rats Steve!  :thumbup:
Me gonna install it here just for the fun of it!  :)


2024-03-29, 22:15:23
Released!  :D

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Author Topic: Visits & Trips  (Read 6850 times)

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Visits & Trips
« on: August 13, 2006, 06:48:06 PM »
Do you have a visit or a trip coming up soon?
If so this is the place to let the rest of us  know all about it? and we would love to hear all the details!

Doesn?t matter if it?s just a short one day trip or visit, or a week or two for an all out vacation, we would love to hear about your plans and how it worked out. Be sure to include a few pictures so we can see the places you go, the people you see and the big smiles on you faces.  ;)

In fact I?m going to kick this Visits & Trips section off with a post about a trip that I?m going to be a part of later this month, sometime between  8/23-29/06? details will be in a separate Topic and when it?s up I'll put a link back to it here in this Topic.

It's your turn now!  :bigtmb:
g-pa Ken

As promised here is the Link.
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