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An original poem by Mallie Kimbrell

I looked into your dear face and wondered
About the long journey ahead
Knowing I would miss your loving presence
I was facing the future with dread

I pleaded with you on anguish
Oh Father, is there another way?
Can I but dwell with you forever,
And remain as I am today?

No, my child, you must go
And encounter many hazards and pain
In order to become a Goddess
And come into my presence again

There are no promises of riches
Nor fame as the world now offers
But you'll have an abundance of treasures
That I have in my fairest coffers

I need your assistance in bringing
These jewels down to earth
They must be cut, ground and polished
To bring out their ultimate worth

You must understand, my daughter
That a diamond so pure and rare
Was first subjected to pressure
That was extremely hard to bare

These precious treasures in
Heaven Must undergo pressure and strain
In order to be cut and polished
So only the purest remain

I give you my rarest treasures
While you dwell there in that land
Please guard them, oh so carefully
For this was the original plan

Don't lose even one of my jewels
I've worked so lovingly and hard
And cherished each gem in my
Heavens Till they are placed in your guard

When I come down to gather
My treasures together so rare
I will search for the shining beauty
Of each jewel I placed in your care

By Mallie Kimbrell