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2020 Feb 15 12:06:11
NASCAR is back in action, starting today!  :banana:


2020 Feb 11 10:50:51
OK, me gotta go. It's my shower day... and, yes, Old Farts do take showers sometimes!  laughing7


2020 Feb 11 10:13:56


2020 Feb 11 10:08:55

 :banana: :banana: :banana:


2020 Feb 09 15:19:06
yes! And me got Sunday off from work again. 

 :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:


2020 Feb 09 07:39:09
yes! And me got Sunday off from work again.  :banana:


2020 Feb 07 13:13:58


2020 Feb 05 07:54:21
LOL, didn't realize I was still logged in.


2020 Jan 31 19:32:37

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Author Topic: Forum Themes & Features  (Read 2319 times)

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Forum Themes & Features
« on: August 11, 2006, 03:45:54 PM »
You may have noticed that the look of the Family Forum changes from time to time, this is because we?ve been adding new themes to the user options so that you can set it to one that you find pleasing.

In some of the themes there is a Themes Selection Panel  on the left side of your window where the current theme can be changed by selecting a new one from the drop-down menu and clicking the Change button. If that  option is not available for the theme you are currently using, then just go to the top of your window and click the Profile, or User CP button and once there  under Look and Layout Preferences you will find Current Theme and you can switch to a new one.

As we add more themes you may occasionally may find that your selection has changed to the new one, so if you prefer the old one just use the steps above to switch back. Of course, you can switch to a new theme any time you wish, several times a week if you want!
My own personal preference is the one called ?Manuscript?, because it seems to fit nicely into our overall look and feel for the Family web site as well the forum with its artistic looking motif.
Edit: 08/22/2006...
Please note that some themes, including Manuscript, are not working as before due to a forum software update that we installed today, it will take several days for all themes to be updated/replaced.

As always, if you have any problems or questions please send me a note and we?ll get it sorted out.
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